Los Blancos a new web drama directed by Yolande Geralds

Los Blancos is directed by award winning music video/film director/producer Yolande Geralds (www.yolandegeralds.com). “I feel really good about where this show is headed,” says Geralds who fell in love with the project immediately and is currently submerged in bringing it to life along with her team, producer Lisa Love Clavelle, Noiz Media Group, and LQD Inc . “ I feel like we have something really special here.” Says the eccentric director. “ We have started filming the first season and believe going live, “now”, (before we’re done with bite-sized appetizers of Los Blancos previews) is the best way to serve this juicy meal…one course at a time.”

Los Blancos, the 5-minute web drama, will have a sexy reputation and will include cameo performances by Tae Heckard (The Game), Mike Foy (CSI), Mercedes Nelson (Football Wives) and O’Ryan Browner (Dr. Doolittle). The complete first season of the show will host a celebrity line-up of cameo appearances. “ I want the audience to be excited to see who will be starring in each new episode,” says Geralds who also hints that several of our favorite musicians, athletes, and actors have already committed to appearances on the show. Catch outtakes, sneak previews and interviews to have the inside scoop on Los Blancos before it premieres at www.los-blancos.com.

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